International Sales and Distribution

We help our clients:

  • Build successful, on-the-ground distributor networks
  • Become competitive and generate sales throughout Asia
  • Establish a strong, long-term sales strategy

Our principals have a collective 50+ years of business development experience spanning the key functions critical to successful product distribution including: international sales network development, distributor sales management, marketing communications, product development, and advertising.

AsiaGlobal Strategies works with a select clientele with products that feature differentiation; with these clients, we quickly and effectively establish new distribution channels throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In most cases, we can gear up in three to four new markets in Asia within six months. Sales can start within two months in a market or two.



Deep-seated knowledge of Asia pacific Markets

  • To develop a sincere, lifelong bond with business counterparts in Asia

From Southwest Asia to Micronesia and Korea to Australia and New Zealand, AsiaGlobal principals have traveled through and worked in Asia extensively and studied the customs and cultures of the Asia pacific region. When we engage in business relationships, a bond quickly forms, cemented by our intimate knowledge of Asian business styles and our ability to work with them on their terms. State of the art approach to Distributor Recruitment

  • To smoke out the phonies and uncover the gems in each market

AsiaGlobal evaluates at least three prospective distributors for a new client. We place a premium on the process of evaluation and recruitment and our diligence in this area results in landing the best possible distributor and increases the chances for success. Field Oriented Business Development strategy

  • To get close to the customers

We usually hear: “You guys really like to spend time in the field; most of our principals just stay in the office.” AsiaGlobal believes that nothing happens until something is sold and we know the best way to ensure plenty of new sales in a new market are to get close to the customers. Because we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work our distributors in Asia usually kick their efforts into high gear as well…our distributors’ sales executives know the spotlight is on and they usually perform their best. Strategic Planning and Partner Development

  • Level set expectations early

AsiaGlobal is seasoned at business planning with our distributors in Asia. We usually start drafting business plans with prospective distributors during the recruitment process. Once a distribution agreement is inked, both sides have a good sense of the expectations and contributions required.